Let's Be Lost wallpaper image

LET’S BE LOST is here. My latest cinematic dark ambient is here for you. The wait is over – thank you for your patience. As always…

Headphones: Advised.
Lights: Off.
Eyes: Closed.

Click here to download it. 

Check out the video below

Hello from the abyss,

As part of a new experiment, Let’s Be Lost marks the start of trying something new. Releasing a free cinematic dark ambient track every month for you to download. April was spend working on the first sonic edition of this which went through many variations- but ended up being this dark cinematic track. For me, it was a very cathartic experience, as it was the first really focusing on writing material and form weird sounds into a cohesive form since Echoes Of Human. A lot of fresh new ideas were present and the process was almost a complete blur. I found that the track is best enjoyed in a dark room, possibly with candlelight as the only light source, headphones on, so you are fully immersed into the sound and eyes closed. However, it may or may not cause nightmares.

A little bit more about the experiment…

As briefly touched on earlier, every month you will receive an exclusive new track to download, which could be anything from a short sonic sketch or demo to a full-length track (like what Let’s Be Lost is). As of writing this, I am still uncertain of what the title for this whole fragmented dark sonic exploration giveaway download-ly thingy is going to be called – if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them. 

More to come, 


P.S. If you can’t wait for the next track (which I know you can’t) you can head over and check out my albums so far over on my store page.